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A guide for educators teaching disabled students during COVID-19

Posted by Letswalo M Community Manager on 27 July 2020 4:30 PM CAT
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The COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in schools being closed across the world and in the adoption of distance learning. Students with special needs are among those facing the toughest challenges, as they require specific support to continue with their academic year.

Since the emergency period was introduced, we all had to rethink how we communicate and continue with daily routines. Zoom and Skype are the new favoured meeting rooms. Although, for many people it has not been that difficult to adapt to the new ‘normal’, for students with all kinds of vulnerabilities, 2020 has become the year to forget.

According to research students with disabilities tend to learn better in the online environment. However, South Africa does not have enough online educators to meet their needs. Those who are available don't have enough experience and that has resulted in seeing many students' academic year being paused. 

In the past few years, for many educators, participating in an online community have played a significant role in their lives and professional development. Online communities have now become important in our lives. Educators are sharing more than just knowledge and experience on how to be creative in the classroom.

Although, learning online is not a new thing for many students with special needs, new measures are needed to support students while continuing with lessons from home . Online communities can help educators, business leaders and parents to collaborate and share ideas and resources that can support students.

Online collaboration is more essential than ever. Families and educators are dealing with new challenges and stress which has never been encountered before. Every student’s situation is different and educators need to learn how to help these students and families. eaningful and clear communication and collaboration between parents, educators, business and experts can go a long way toward supporting students.



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