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Our objective: to support families of deaf and hard of hearing babies & children to ensure happy, healthy & thriving family environments for optimal language learning and development.
Our Ethos: All families have the right to an "informed choice" & we respect & support the rights of all families without prejudice: Choices in Language, Mode of Communication as well as Education & Technology required to meet their child's unique needs. We recognise the essential roles of other families & Deaf adults in the support system for parents.

"What works for your child, is what makes the choice right" (Hands & Voices)

Family and teacher resources below.


Family resources


Supporting parents of children with special needs.


Visit Thrive, South African Parent-led Parent support and advocacy Group.


Any family with a deaf or hard of hearing child may join. Request an invitation here.


To view upcoming webinars dates. Click here.


To find resources for your child to use when learning from home. Visit.





Hands and Voices - https://www.handsandvoices.org/

Aussie Deaf Kids - https://www.aussiedeafkids.org.au/

GPODHH - http://www.gpodhh.org/

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Early Intervention:

A key factor in success is the Early, Timely and Equitable access to support, which includes: Early hearing screening, early intervention family support and early access to ECD and Educational opportunities


Find a whole range of resources right here.

Find resources for teachers, here.


Medical Professionals and Ear care:

The multidisciplinary team supporting families of deaf and hard of hearing babies and children includes: Paediatricians, Ear Nose and Throat Specialists, Audiologists, Speech & Language Therapists as well as the range of Amplification partners


Teacher, training and education resources:

Teacher resources, such as workbooks, children's literature, etc. Visit Roots Resources

Various Universities offer academic and short courses in Deafness related fields, including Deaf Education, SASL, Audiology, Speech Therapy as well as (AAC) Augmentative and Alternative Communication

For more on South African Sign Language (SASL) Interpreter services and training visit here

Cued Speech SA, is recognised by the Cued Speech Association UK. Learn more here.

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Deaf Community Resources:

We love to celebrate the lives of Deaf adults - of all races, cultures and languages - and introduce you to the unique world of the Deaf community (including Deaf Culture, Deaf Art, Humour and Literature).

Deaf Leadership: https://dlia.commons.gc.cuny.edu/

Deaf News: https://limpingchicken.com/

International Deaf Associations:

USA - https://www.nad.org/

UK - https://bda.org.uk/

Explore the visual-gestural world of Sign Language along with Bilingualism and the other range of choices and opportunities open to the Deaf Community.

For information on Employment and Deafness visit (under construction)


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Issues on child safety and safeguarding. Read about the rights of a child, here.

Read up on vulnerabilities and abuse, here.

About the FCEI Ecosystem

FCEI ecosystem - How to use the platform and explore the ecosystem

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How to join this group.

All our content is publicly available, but if you would like to be updated on upcoming events, training, webinars and more, please send us a message here requesting an invitation to the FCEI Ecosystem. Our platform is hosted by A Better Africa. We look forward to welcoming you.



Find Frequently asked questions here. Should you have a question that we've not addressed or answered, please leave a note in the comment box on the page.

Research and Reading

Explore a rich and growing repository of research and reading.

See our recommended reads or go straight to the library folder with research and reading content.

Want to know more about the Centre for Deaf Studies at Wits? Download the profile here and see latest updates from the CFDS here.

Explore websites

Key deaf education websites.


Support for families.

Families are at the centre of our focus and we are committed, along with members within the ecosystem to keep building valuable resources for families. Explore available documents here on the FCEI group or head straight to the folder of resources here.

Find more support for families here.


Find resources for hospitals here.

Audiologists, speech and occupational therapists

Find resources here.

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Have a question?

Ask an Audiologist

Ask a Speech and Language Therapist

Ask a Sign Language Interpreter


LITASA, the Literacy Association of South Africa, will be hosting their 2020 Conference on Saturday the 19th September.Registration is free!

FCEI International will be hosting their next conference in Austria in May 2021. Learn More.

The anticipated Coalition for Global Hearing Health 11 global conference is scheduled to take place in 2021 in Mumbai, India. Find out more here.

SADAG (SA Depression & Anxiety Group) has a number of Support Groups all over SA. If you or a loved one needs support please call or contact them.read more here.


WATCH THIS SPACE: We will be hosting and moderating conversations from time to time. We will also invite guests to host and moderate.

FCEI Ecosystem Ethos:

FCEI Africa holds informed choice, mutual respect and the focus on family support as fundamental principles. Our aim as members of the multi-disciplinary team (see graph) is to support families to create optimal environments for happy, healthy, thriving families and optimal language learning and development for all deaf and hard of hearing infants and children.

We support and respect the rights of all deaf and hard of hearing infants and children without prejudice to any preferred family choice in mode of communication, education and technology required to meet the unique needs of each individual child. We recognise the essential roles of families and Deaf adults in the support system for parents on this new journey.