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2021 FCEI International Webinar Series

Posted by Letswalo M Community Manager on 26 March 2021 2:40 PM SAST
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FCEI Principles in Perspective—Exploring the Issues from Multiple Angles is the FCEI virtual-learning series. Running from February to October 2021 these live, sign-language interpreted, interactive webinars will be free to participants. Each webinar will address a topic from the point-of-view of professionals, Deaf and Hard of Hearing adults, and parents in a facilitated discussion. Q&A opportunities will be an important interactive feature of each webinar, so register early to reserve your spot!

Session 2: Ensuring Cultural Competence within FCEI Programs 


What do we mean by cultural competence? The myriad of ways this concept impacts family-centred early intervention include everything from geographic and socio-economic considerations to Deaf Cultural values. In this session, we will explore the FCEI principles that affirm the importance of shared decision making within a team of professionals and parents where all members are equal. What are there barriers to this? Do we bring unintentional, unconscious bias and beliefs to our early intervention interactions? What is the influence of power and privilege in an early intervention session?


Join this webinar featuring different perspectives on identifying barriers and roadblocks, and suggesting new ways to consider what we really mean by being culturally competent.


This event will be provided in spoken English, American Sign Language, International Sign and English live captions


  Date: 25 March                                                

  • Sydney 10pm 
  • London 11am 
  • Vienna 12pm
  • Johannesburg 1pm
  • New York 7am
  • Vienna 12pm 
  • Denver 5am

You can register here: https://www.nextsense.org.au/professional-development/fcei-ensuring-cultural-competence-within-fcei-programs


Missed our February webinar or want to watch it again? You can find it on the FCEI International website: http://www.fcei.at/unit/fcei/modelsofpractice/2021fceiinternationalwebi



Want to learn more about FCEI? Information is available at this link.


Contact: fcei@bblinz.at

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