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Not all deaf adults started out life as a deaf child. In fact, most of them don’t.

I did. 

As a deaf child, the decision was made by my (hearing) parents that I would have hearing aids fitted. They then kept up to date with every bit of kit, every advancement that might help me manage the divide of being a deaf person in a hearing world.


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A deafblind woman was allegedly verbally abused by another rail passenger after her sister briefly removed her face covering to enable her to lipread.

Teenager Saule Pakenaite and her sister Karolina, who has Usher Syndrome, were travelling to Liverpool on 16 July when they were confronted by the individual.In a video shared by the Press Association, the woman can be heard saying “you’re taking the p***, you” to the pair after Saule took off her face covering.

The 16-year-old replied: “Legally she is deafblind. There’s a spectrum. Google it. You don’t know what you’re talking about.” The other passenger goes on to add “deafblind my a***”, before another person intervenes.

Watch the video here.


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In July 2020 this ecosystem launched. The vision is for collaboration, collective intelligence, knowledge management and more. 

Collaborative ecosystems are limitless. While it's not about finding agreement on every topic, it's about listening and engaging, it's about vigorous discourse and it's about gathering knowledge through the ecosystem journey.

Thank you for joining. 

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