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Why does CSTL exist?

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Universal access to quality education is central to attaining SADC’s vision of improving economic and educational growth and development. It is widely acknowledged that access to quality education is opposed by multiple barriers for the children and the youth in Southern Africa.

Factors such as hunger, poor health, neglect, exploitation and/or grief and trauma in the wake of conflict are among the factors that drive absenteeism, drop-out and underperformance. For such issues to be addressed relies on a host of complimentary services that fall outside the traditional education mandate.

The CSTL Programme responds by promoting the systematic provision of a comprehensive package of support through the education system and embraces services falling both within and outside the traditional core mandate of the education sector. It is through the facilitation of these core and complementary services that the Member States strive to increase the numbers of children and youth who enrol in school and attend regularly to complete schooling.

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CSTL is a programme through which Ministries of Education of the SADC Member States can lead and coordinate the range of care and support services delivered to regional schools. Continue reading.

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