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Keeping Africa connected

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A more connected community
Everyone benefits when we efficiently and securely communicate.

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More connected neighborhood
In an increasingly global society, we introduce you and your neighbor.

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More connected businesses
Getting goods from around the world is great.So is meeting your entrepreneurs and merchants.


Recent Posts

August 23
Springs Boys' High School photo
The following is an extract of a letter seeking assistance from a company to realise our dream

Springs Boys' High School

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August 18
Team Dynamics photo
Demartini and Team Dynamics
For your business to flourish, you need customers who love you and think you’re a star. These...

Team Dynamics

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August 15
African Spelling Bee 2009/2017 photo
Remembering Our Purpose - Abiye Tekle
Welcome to the 1st Annual African Spelling Bee; where we celebrate education and the love of reading...

African Spelling Bee 2009/2017

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August 15
Trinity House High School photo
Private Schools vs. Public Schools - Why Private Schools Are Better By Neal McCluskey
This article appeared in WalletHub on August 3, 2016. Public schooling — schools run by...

Trinity House High School

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August 15
Ann Baret Coaching photo
How to take responsibility for your life and get results
Most people are happy to play the blame game. We love to say that something is not perfect because...

Ann Baret Coaching

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    African Spelling Bee 2009/2017

    2017/07/15 10:00 AM - 3:00 PM CAT

    Addis Ababa
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