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Organisations who are currently doing programmes and projects in schools can list and brand themselves and connect with the school community where they are working.Organisations.png

If you’re one of the thousands of organisations with a mission that aligns within the broad category, you want to be included in A Better Africa Network. Ensure that your organisational profile and details are uploaded onto this platform and members are invited to join. The benefits to your members are the inclusion into a growing knowledge-based network, creating connections and allowing access to opportunities and multitudes of collaborations. The basic listing is free and we ask only that you follow our community standards, engage with your community and keep information current. A subscribed listing gives you the tools to build your ecosystem.

Recent Organizations

  1. Ripple Reading  photo
    Ripple Reading
    Lanseria, SOUTH AFRICA
  2. Actuarial Society Education Trust photo
    Actuarial Society Education Trust
  3. Innovate South Africa photo
    Innovate South Africa
    Cape Town , Western Cape SOUTH AFRICA
  4. FunDza Literacy trust photo
    FunDza Literacy trust
  5. Green Shoots  photo
    Green Shoots
    Western Cape SOUTH AFRICA
  1. Edunova photo
    Western Cape SOUTH AFRICA
  2. JET Education Services photo
    JET Education Services
    Cape Town , Western Cape SOUTH AFRICA
  3. Book Dash photo
    Book Dash
  4. Coronation Fund Managers photo
    Coronation Fund Managers
    Cape Town , Western Cape SOUTH AFRICA
  5. Kidz2Kidz photo
    Cape Town , Western Cape SOUTH AFRICA

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