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Toolkit on School Dropout Prevention


In this toolkit, you will find an interactive guide that can help you to better understand and address school dropout.

The Zero Dropout Campaign began working with four NGO implementing partners in 2017 to pilot innovative dropout prevention and reintegration strategies in schools. The aim of the pilot was to surface learnings about best practice in dropout prevention. This toolkit is the product of four years of working with our partners and the schools they operate in. It is aimed at public primary and secondary schools in South Africa, to be used by all stakeholders in the education ecosystem as a best practice guide.


Early Warning System (EWS) Toolkit


In this toolkit, you will find an interactive guide for using our Early Warning System Excel spreadsheet that uses a traffic light system to show which learners are at high, medium or low risk of dropping out.

School dropout is a serious problem in South Africa. Fortunately, there are ways to prevent dropout if we intentionally monitor the warning signs that learners may show while they are at school.

The Zero Dropout Campaign has designed a straightforward tool that gives educators the power to track warning signs of disengagement, which is a precursor to dropout. Being aware of the warning signs and intentionally tracking them will guide educators to take decisions on the best way to support their learners.

The key aim of the Early Warning System (EWS) is to help educators to prevent dropout.


Brochure: Data Tells a Story


In this brochure, we explain why collecting learner-level data is important in the prevention of dropout.

We need to collect detailed and accurate information about our learners that can inform a more attentive and effective education system in which every learner is supported to finish matric. Collecting learner-level data would allow schools to incorporate Early Warning Systems (EWS) that can signal when a learner is at risk of dropping out, triggering the right type of support.


Brochure: Shaping a New South African Story


In this brochure, we explain how school dropout affects everyone, not just the individual leaners and their families.

Leaving school without a matric qualification cuts young people off from many life chances – the chance to participate, to learn, to earn, and to contribute to social and economic life. To help our learners keep a grip on their schooling, South Africa needs a coordinated national dropout prevention plan.


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