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How To Launch MOOC (Massive Open Online Courses)

Posted by Talitha Hlaka on 07 August 2017 4:35 PM CAT
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Wits has become the first university in Africa to offer MOOCs on edX, an online learning platform established by Harvard University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 2012. The initiative is a response to the dire need for increased placement at South African universities and for access to quality post-school training. The Wits Vice-Chancellor touted our achievement as “a pioneering, innovative project that is unlocking new opportunities for South African universities.” The MOOC is an introductory RBM course targeted at public and development sector practitioners to design and implement results-based, public sector programmes that optimise the use of resources.

Despite the extensive critique MOOCs have received since they first appeared back in 2008, they are without a doubt the latest trend in online learning and they are here to stay. 

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