Mukamambo 2 Secondary School

Combined School

Mukamambo 2 Secondary School Home

SpecialisationEducation & Training
Area ClassificationChongwe District Lusaka Province
School NameMukamambo 2 Secondary School
Phone Number+260 977305970
School DistrictLusaka Province

Welcome to Mukamabo 2 Secondary School

School Motto

Knowledge, Discipline and Service

Vision of the school

To increase access, retention, progression and completion levels to senior secondary school Education of Rural Girls from the current 88%.

Mission statement

To improve infrastructure and maintain quality teaching and learning.

Screenshot 2021-05-31 at 13.53.18.pngMukamambo 2 Secondary School History


  • To increase rural girls’ enrollment
  • Qualitative performance
  • Completion levels through improved and increased infrastructure (Dormitories and Classrooms)
  • To have motivated learners, teaching and support staff.

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