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The importance of classroom management

Posted by Hlengiwe Zwane on 16 February 2022, 11:10 SAST
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As an educator, you need to endure that your classroom runs smoothly not just for yourself but for your learners as well. There is no guide on how to prepare for the unexpected. So why is classroom management is soo important? When done effectively, classroom management is important for three main reasons and they are as follows: 

  1. It creates and sustains a well-organised learning environment.

  2. Improves academic learning and fosters social-emotional growth.

  3. Increases students engagement and lowers negative classroom behaviour.

Taking the above into account, what are the components of classroom management? 

Implementing these four components of classroom management from the start will set you and your students up for a successful year and they are as follows: 

Classroom design
Be intentional about how you set up your desk, your students' desks, displays, devices and other aspects of your classroom. Thoughtful classroom design can help create a safe and welcoming learning environment for your students.

Rules and discipline
Create a safe and caring school community, develop classroom rules your students understand and respect. Be sure to communicate that breaking classroom rules will have fair consequences.

Scheduling and organisation
Being on time. Staying organised will help set up your lessons (and your students learning) up for success.

Instructional technique
You may not have the flexibility you would like when it comes to the curriculum and content so you should at least have the freedom to choose how you teach. Observe how your students learn best and use the classroom management strategies and techniques to teach your lessons.

Take these with you and apply them where you can. Classroom management can be achieved in many different ways. There are many solutions out there, after all, there is no right or wrong way to figure out what strategy works. Just find the one that works for you and your students.

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