Partners for Possibility

  • IQ Business Park Building Q1, C/O 3rd Ave & Rivonia Ave,
  • Rivonia , Gauteng
  • +27 11 259 4031

Who are we?

Partners for Possibility is a creative solution to South Africa' education crisis - it is a co-action, co-learning partnership between School Principals and Business Leaders, enabling social cohesion through partnerships, and empowering Principals to become change leaders in their schools and communities. The Partners for Possibility Programme facilitates cross-sectoral reciprocal partnerships between Business, Government and the Social Sector.

Recent Activity

May 23

Siddeeq Railoun @Partners for Possibility: This is not a website, it is an amoebic interactive hub of thinking, actioning, knowing where you started and recording every step of your journey and those who are on your journey.

2 years ago

Siddeeq Railoun @Partners for Possibility: The possibilities of this platform is amazing from private to public, from open to confidential, from strict security to access for all ...

2 years ago

May 21

Mark Greeff @Partnerships for Possibility contributed to the wiki Profile Spotlight

2 years ago

Mark Greeff @Partnerships for Possibility contributed to the wiki Profile Message

2 years ago

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