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Maliba Matso High School

Combined School

Maliba Matso High School

Since there were no proper records we are unable to give the exact number of students from 1986 to 1992. In 1993 3 qualified teachers were hired and the number of students increased to 43 students which was the roll of form A,B and C. The ministry of education through the schools supply unit assisted to promote self reliance by building a block where poultry layers was done and number of tools for vegetable garden

When it comes to extra mural activities especially soccer it was difficult to have a football team since the number of boys was very low such that we had to include non schoolers in our team. Today Maliba Mats'o High school has grown and it has Grade8 to Grade 11 with about 200 students and 8 granted teachers and one private teacher and we now even have a science lab and a small library.

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