A Better Africa Introduction

  • Johannesburg

Starting in 2020, South African learners will have the option to take up Kiswahili as an optional second additional language.

The announcement follows a meeting by the Council of Education Ministers (CEM) held in Pretoria last week Thursday (13 September). At the meeting, the CEM approved the listing of Kiswahili as a language that will be offered to learners.

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JOHANNESBURG — Everybody knows that the state of South Africa's education system is pretty appalling. But one programme dubbed Partners for Possibility (Pfp)  wants to help ensure quality education for all school children in the country by the year 2025. PfP targets doing this by establishing co-learning partnerships between School Principals and Business Leaders. In turn, PfP aims to ensure that schools are placed at the centre of their communities. It’s an interesting initiative. And in this interview, businesswoman Gillian Cox tells about a partnership she entered and the difference it made. – Gareth van Zyl

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