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Academic Courses, Short Courses Creating good listening conditions: For education settings. Read here.

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The magical journey of teaching: Audio & Vidcast

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Access the DBE inclusive education guidelines here. Read new research here.

National Curriculum statement- Curriculum assessment policy statement: Senior phase grade 7-9. Click here to open.

National Curriculum Statement- Curriculum Assessment Policy Statement: Foundation Phase R-3. Click here to open.

National Curriculum statement- Curriculum Assessment Policy Statement: Intermediate Phase Grade 4-6. Click here to open.

National Curriculum statement- Curriculum Assessment Policy Statement: Further Education and Training Phase 10 - 12. Click here to open,

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Make sure you visit Deaf Community Connections.

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Improving literacy in deaf children.Support for deaf children during the pandemic.Literacy instructions for deaf students.

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What is Cued Speech? Cued Speech South Africa

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Education support for deaf children – coronavirus information for professionals. Read more here...Deaf friendly remote learning: a checklist for teachers. Read here. Read more here.


Read the blog post here.

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See latest conferences here.


All our content is publicly available, but if you would like to be updated on upcoming events, training, webinars and more, please send us a message here requesting an invitation to the FCEI Ecosystem.


Connect to the NPO Toolbox page.


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Submit the form regarding Covid-19 experiences for people with disabilities & receive a DATA voucher.


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Books by HANDZ ON LEARNING - 50% discount


Visit Southern ENT to view our latest hearing technology.


"My baby has a hearing loss... What now?" Webinar with Prof. Claudine Storbeck. Read more.

SA-ChilD is inviting you to the next Southern African Academy of Childhood Disability (SA-ChilD) webinar: ‘Assessment and management of children with DCD in Africa’. Read more.


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