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  • Cape Town, Western Cape
  • 7405
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Who are we?

TSIBA is a unique social enterprise collective that provides future-focused business education to ambitious and highly energised individuals and emerging businesses. The TSIBA collective includes an accredited Business School, an Ignition Academy and an Education Trust. Across all of the TSIBA entities we are passionate about the transformative impact of education as a catalyst to unlock the best of what humans can be. In this commitment, TSIBA stands out as a trailblazer in an ever-changing business education landscape. At TSIBA, you can study towards a business degree, a vocational certificate, short business course, all of which will prepare you to have a profound impact on your world and your future. In addition, TSIBA's high quality and customisable solutions will enhance Skill Development and Enterprise and Supplier Development (BEE scorecard elements) for organisations across all business sectors.

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