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Posted by Janice Scheckter on 28 February 2017 2:45 PM CAT
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Details from Kira S

The Teacher Development (TDI) Initiative is a teacher development and support NGO in the process of registration. (At this point, it is essentially me.) 




1. The Schools Development Unit (SDU) is housed in UCT's School of Education. Within the SDU, there is a project called the Schools Improvement Initiative (SII). The SII runs a number of projects, one of which is a range of interventions at Usasazo High School in Khayelitsha, including School Management Team development, library support and Maths and Science teaching support. We have agreed that TDI will launch a pilot project working with the school's English Department (7 teachers), doing pedagogical and curriculum support. It will start tomorrow, and we will meet fortnightly. 


2. The Western Cape Education Department (WCED) is broken up into 8 districts. The Metro Central district has agreed to partner with TDI in two areas: Gugulethu (3 schools) and Langa (4 schools), so that we can provide pedagogical and curriculum support to the English teachers who are members of Professional Learning Communities in those areas. However, we are still in the stage of assessing whether the teachers want to participate in the project, so I think it might be premature to include this information on any public forum. 



1. There is a possibility that I will be launching the pilot in one Khayelitsha school, Usasazo, in collaboration with the Schools Improvement Initiative project at UCT. This will be an in-school pilot running alongside the inter-school pilot I discussed with you. The thinking is that because the school has already been part of the SII project for a number of years, it will be a fertile place in which to work. This is not yet confirmed, but the teachers there are currently deciding whether or not they have the capacity to partner with us. 


2. I presented to the Langa PLC yesterday, and I'm waiting for their final answer. There seemed to be legitimate concerns around their capacity as well. (Generally, teachers are so over-worked that they are reluctant to commit to anything that will require additional work from them.)

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