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SLF on Safely Reopening Schools

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On 11 June 2020 the School Leadership Forum(SLF) hosted a virtual session to allow experts to speak on the topic of how to safely reopen schools during the COVID19 crisis.

SLF has a YouTube channel where you can easily access the video recordings of this session and previous sessions:

For ease of reference, I include the videos below, but you are welcome to watch them directly on YouTube if this limits buffering.


1. Welcome by Magali von Blottnitz:


2. A note from Helene Brand from My School My Village My Planet who sponsors SLF:


3. Dr Nandi Siegfried from the College of Public Health Medicine speaks on understanding the science of COVID 19 and how it can help us keep schools safer:


4. Principal Batandwa Sonamzi of Welwitschia Primary School in Delft, Cape Town speaks on how he and his SMT went about in safely reopening their school:


5. Question and Answer Session

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