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Comorbidities Concession Process

Posted by Breggie Hoffman on 10 July 2020 11:15 AM CAT
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Learning Process Facilitator Karen McKenzie hosted a terrific Toolkit Thursday virtual seminar on the 18th of June 2020 on the topic: How best to support our principals during the Comorbidities concession process? Calling in expertise from FEDSAS, the session provided the possibility to gain clarity on an otherwise nebulous subject.

Karen provided us with this great summary after the session:

 “We were delighted to have the DOE circuit mangers for Lions River and Mpofana regions in the house– Mr Thabani Ndaba and Mrs Lindiwe Ndlamlenze. I am eternally grateful to Amy Webster at Michaelhouse for offering a centralised venue with stable Wi-Fi and a possibility of a warm cup of tea.

 My top take aways were:

·         Equate Comorbidity concessions to vulnerability leave (work from home)

·         Individual schools find individual solutions

 Also, the reminder in particular to principals that where outbreaks of Covid at schools are current, it seems to have come from the educators – PLEASE insist on social distancing in staff rooms. Ensure that your protocols are followed. Based on the protocols followed, the Department of Health will decide how to proceed – e.g. close school for 14 days or low risk, so just extra sanitise, self-isolate infected person and school can continue.

 Some practical ideas on how to remain engaged with your “Work from Home” educators were:

·         If you have a library and delivery of books are possible – provide them shelf by shelf for a sort/declutter/repair.

·         If you have a space where an educator can self-isolate at school, then perhaps they would be willing to work from there / even come after all the learners are gone – marking, lesson plans, do the photo-copying.

·         Creating activities / cue cards in particular in primary school – support to other teachers.

·         Daily coaching conversations – a more senior staff member can guide the substitute / “caretaker teacher”. Introduce a buddy system.

Ultimately it is going to depend on the relationship that you hold with the educator and whether you could appeal to “goodwill and commitment” to fellow educators and learners. If an educator refuses…the “law and rule” book does not seem too clear. Also, when principals could expect replacement teachers seem unclear, this in particular is heart breaking for 2 PfP schools where 3 grade 12 educators are at home. As a matter of fact…we have realised that our DOE officials need this connection space as much as we do.”

FEDSAS Contact Details:

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