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Elize Malherbe, LPF in Bloemfontein: Seeking sponsorships and Letters to Sponsors

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Elize Malherbe, LPF in Bloemfontein: Seeking sponsorships and Letters to Sponsors

2020/10/19 11:44 AM CAT

Elize Malherbe, LPF in Bloemfontein, posed the following question:

Are there specific templates or examples available for letters to sponsors?

What information should be included in such a letter?

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1. 2020/10/19 11:54 AM CAT

Hi Elize,

We don't use letters as we found that they are much easier to discard than when you look somebody in the eye.

As a circle we developed a spreadsheet of our different networks and list them under different resources. Whenever we need something we look at the resource list and ask the BL who's network the resources is in to introduce us. We then make an appointment to see the person and state our need.

We found that it works very well as many people and businesses want to "give" but don't know where to start. Once you show them pictures and a story it becomes easy to get them involved.



2. 2020/10/20 10:31 AM CAT

Hi Carien

Thank you for sharing so freely and enthusiastically! You've inspired me to use the strategy of creating a network of resources firstly by creating and sharing a spreadsheet with main needs to utilise and tap into already existing resources and 'human capital' as you called it. I can just imagine that it will also create a wonderful team spirit in the circle where everyone is keen on helping someone else ( as the leaders usually are). Word of mouth referrals or being introduced to a specific company with possible resources by someone who already knows them, will make it far easier for our principals and leaders to communicate their needs. This personal approach also by far outweighs the traditional 'letter of request' lying in an inbox for ages.

I also value the suggestion to focus on getting services from within ( the circle and its networks within the community), but to try for money/sponsorships from outside the community ( especially in smaller towns/rural areas where the same people usually have to provide for all who ask). Then to link on to NPO's and organisations who have already created a footprint who would then also be keen to be associated with an organisation like PfP who also has a proven record of success and operates with integrity.

Great ideas! Thanks again Carien!

Warm regards


3. 2020/10/20 11:59 AM CAT

You're welcome Elize.

Please feel free to make contact if you want to brainstorm more ideas.

4. 2020/10/25 9:31 PM CAT


I'm keen to upgrade my school netball court which is delapidated as we speak. Help me to draw up a good proposal.

PJ Monnane

Principal - Isagontle Primary School

5. 2020/10/30 12:33 PM CAT

Dear Pule

Thank you for adding this comment. We will invite more engagement. There have been some comments regarding the exploration of various networks within your leadership circle, and possibly start conversations first as opposed to a proposal, but it would be good to see more from the community on this topic.

Warm regards
The Community Management Team

6. 2020/11/10 3:09 PM CAT

Thanks Carien - planning to introduce your ideas to my circle at our COP this week and will bring back their new thoughts for you to perhaps add to.

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