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Melinda Sargisson
Dcondo Mine
143/215 Praphuketkeaw Road
Moo 1, Kathu
Phuket, 83120, Thailand

To whom it may concern,

I am writing to recommend Craig Bristow for a teaching position. I have known Craig since 2004 when we worked together at Kajonkietsuksa Villa Five campus in Phuket, Thailand. At that time, we were teaching students math’s, science and English in the P2 level together. These students were aged from 8-9 years of age. Mr. Bristow was extremely knowledgeable about the subjects we taught the students and was of a great assistance to me. Craig took the lead in guiding the level in regards to making tests and planning the curriculum. I left the school in 2006 but returned to Thailand in 2015 to work at the Kajonkietsuksa Kathu campus. By this time, Craig had been teaching many levels throughout his stay at the school (19 years in total), and was then made the Head of Department for Mathematics. As the Mathematics HOD, Craig was responsible for creating the Mathematics curriculum for all Primary levels from P1 to P6. Craig designed course outlines for all levels based on the Thailand Curriculum and also was responsible for making all the ELO’s and Midterm and Final exams. Craig demonstrated excellent knowledge in Mathematics and was readily available to assist any teacher with their planning and work. Also, as part of the HOD position, Craig would have to check the quality of work for all levels by checking books weekly and conducting observations. He was very helpful and always gave useful feedback to teacher to improve their work and teaching.

PHOTO-2021-05-20-12-40-01.jpgDuring this time, Craig was also teaching classes. He was responsible for teaching within the P6 level and usually taught two classes of varying abilities. In this role, Craig was able to effectively deliver the concepts and skills of Mathematics to students of varying abilities in Math’s. He was always dedicated to the students and their learning. He used a variety of teaching strategies in order to reach every child.

While teaching this level, Craig would often be called upon to cover lessons when teachers were absent. This meant that Craig would teach any level when needed and he was able to adjust his teaching style to effectively teach a range of age groups.

Craig Bristow demonstrated loyalty and dedication to the school and was a big part in making it one of the most successful and respected schools in Phuket. He would be an asset to any teaching environment and I wish him luck in his future endeavors.

Yours sincerely,

Melinda Sargisson

Secondary English Teacher

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