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Organization Overview

Maths plus aims to assist primary school students with academic assistance with any topic covered in the curriculim. We also aim to offer challenging problems solving to those students who have a natural apptitude for mathematics. With mathematics coach/ tutor who has many years experience at teaching all age groups both online as well as face to face, the experience gained from 19 years of teaching mathematics in Asia and a knouledge of different skills required at each stage of mathematical development.

Background & History

I have been teaching mathematics in Asia for the past 19 years.

I first started teaching grade 2, at a school in THailand (Kajonkietsuksa school) a private organization. This was in 2002, I stayed in this position for 3 years before moving to an older group in grade 4, as a mathematics and homeroom teacher I was responsible for teaching the level mathematics ( 4 classes ) , make tests and exams as well as all normal homeroom duties. This I did for about 3 years, the position as mathematics coordinator opened up and I was fortunate to be chosen for the position.

At first the position was one of quality control over the subject teaching, marking, and quality of work done by students. On top I was now the grade 5 mathematics teacher, with all those responsibilities.

After another 4 years a new position was established that of Head Of Department, this new job had many more responsibilties namely, creating course outlines for the whole school, each grade, making all ELO tests for each grade, making mid term and final exams. Observing teahing done by teachers and checking student output ( to have a standard for all students to work towards ).

At this point I was no longer a homeroom teacher but still taught 2 classes of mathematics in grade 6, the highest level the primary school went up to.I also did 2 months of online teaching in 2020, teaching Mathematics and Science to grade 4 and 5.

I did this for seven years before recently returning back to South Africa.


Craig Bristow, B. Soc Science. UCT


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Philosophy & Culture

To provide assistance to young learners of all ability levels both those having difficulty as well as those wanting to improve already good mathematics skills.

Our emphasis is on problem solving and teaching skills to improve those problem solving skills, for all ages.

To improve mental arithmetic skills at all levels.


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