Library Resources: Paper and Ink

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On this page your will find a list of organisations that can assist your school in setting up a physical Library



The Bookery

Set up libraries and support them to be sustainable Click to know more

Edulis: library and Information Service of the WCED

·Support for school libraries ·Recommended school library resources·Library promotion Click to know more


Provide high-quality storybooks in all eleven languages Click to know more

New Africa Education Foundation (NAEF)

NAEF in partnership with Novus Holding give mobile libraries on wheels Click to know more

FunDza Literacy Trust

Provide South African reading resources in English, for adolescents and young adults (even if their mother tongue is not English)Click to know more

LightSail Education

Access to digital reading materials, coupled with the Lexile assessment framework Click to know more

Book Dash

Book Dash works with volunteers to create new African storybooks that anyone can freely print, translate and distribute. On request, they may also deliver printed books to individuals or NPOs.

Breadline Africa

Breadline Africa sets up libraries, and other infrastructure, at primary schools and early childhood development centres in prefabricated structures.

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