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27th August at Kannemeyer Primary

Posted by Mark Greeff on 13 November 2018 8:20 AM CAT
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Comments and Feedback during the session from the group:

"What a wonderful turnout at the Coation meeting at Kannemeyer"


"This is amazing !!! Thank you"

"Great Stuff Louise! The job that takes the longest to complete, is the job that is never started - Thanks so much for startingthe literacy Improvement plan!"

"We feel priviledged to have been in the that room today"

" I liked the focused Agenda & everybody having a chance to share & listen"

"I was surprised to see so many people in the room, we are part of a phenominal community"

"Looking forward to Round Two!! I'm excited & encouraged! Thx to PFP for all the effort!! I believe a Little, DONE WELL, is equal to MUCH! Thanks!!

"Massively excited to watch from Jozi... would have loved to have been in that room. Thank you to this courageous group for starting a piece of work that will benefit us as a nation..." 

" The context of our conversation today - A Big Hairy Audacious Goal" 

"and then we listened in as our educators responded to 9 provocative questions"

"we had the most wonderful group of listeners.. practicing what we preach about contracting, co-creation, leading complex social change etc"

"Hopefully many more listening sessions as we go "down" the left hand side of the "U"- committed to understand the challenge (and opportunity) from multiple perspectives

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27th August at Kannemeyer Primary
Comments and Feedback during the session from the group: "What a wonderful turnout at the...
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