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Provincial DoE Organograms

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Provincial DoE Organograms

2018/12/18 12:49 PM SAST

It would be helpful if there was a brief descriptor of each layer of the organogram's function - ie what are the Cluster Leaders / District Directors/ Curriculum Supervisors roles etc.

There is also now a Director of Partnerships role if I am not mistaken?

If possible, could we find and upload the current correct names and contact details for each of these roles in the provinces where this info is available? It should be in the public domain... If not I am sure that we can ask our contacts in the various provinces to supply us with the documents.

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1. 2018/12/18 4:58 PM SAST

Thanks for your question.

Adding a proper glossary with definitions (rather than the current list of acronyms which doesn't include definitions) is on the to-do list for this group. We hope to get to that soon :-)

Thank you for your patience.

2. 2020/08/16 1:13 PM SAST

Thank you, do you have access to updated names of people in KZN Organogram? The Basic Education Department website is not accurate.


3. 2020/08/17 1:24 PM SAST

Hi Karenne!

Thank you for your question. I will try to find out and post a response here soonest.

Kindest Regards


4. 2020/08/18 1:50 PM SAST

Thank you, for KZN there are incorrect contact details on line, if you could contact their offices directly it would be best

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