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PfP Access

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PfP Access

2018/12/12 2:43 PM SAST

When are we able to give our PfP's access to this group?

1. 2018/12/13 9:41 AM SAST

Hi Merridy,

Yes, that is THE question!

I am going to discuss this with Janice and the ABA team tomorrow, and we will think of a "roll-out plan". I think the ABA team would like to prepare a few "how-to" videos/guides to make it easier for newcomers to find their way through the platform. This shouldn't take them too long. From there we will grow the community of users gradually.

If you are keen to get your circle to be among the "early champions" then I'm sure we can arrange for this to happen early next year.

Thanks for your enthusiasm!


roll-out plan
2. 2018/12/14 12:29 PM SAST

Hi Magali,

It would be great for our circle to join early in the new year as they will only be in 4th month.

3. 2018/12/18 1:01 PM SAST

HI Merridy,

Once we have had a chance for all the "test drivers" to try the site out and review it, and we have been able to see if there are any gremlins that need to be addressed...



4. 2019/11/09 1:04 PM SAST


Hi there, is this program useful? What has been the success with our schools?

Before I spend hours going through it all.


Karenne jo Bloomgarden

5. 2019/11/23 11:18 PM SAST

Hi Karenne

Up to now we have not really managed to get people to engage with it... As everything else, the usefulness will come when the intended users (business partners) start to check it out, post comments and questions, and guide us with what they want more or less of.

Maybe North Coast 4 will be the group who will drive this? ;-)


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