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Can a school get its quintile revised?

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Can a school get its quintile revised?

2018/12/03 8:21 PM SAST

Hi, I am partnered to a principal in a Quintile 5 school, however the learners are bussed in from very poor communities and the school is unable to collect school fees. Is it possible to get the school quintile revised?

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1. 2018/12/03 8:25 PM SAST
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Thanks for your question.

We have made contact with the Equal Education Law Centre and they have advised on the existing options, which are, either requesting a conversion to "no-fee status" (staying a quintile 5 school), or indeed apply for a revision of the quintile. The procedure is described in the attachment.

2. 2020/08/15 10:30 AM SAST

The story captured here is a worthwhile reading of the unintended consequences of downgrading a school's quintile.

3. 2020/08/15 10:33 AM SAST

The post contains the best available legal opinion on the question.

4. 2021/03/16 6:39 PM SAST

Hi, Magali ,

The Quintile system was established on the basis of economic values in the community in which the school was based - historically most former Model-C schools (how I dislike that term) where deemed quintile 4 or 5. Changing a quintile is a tedious but necessary process- the lower the quintile - the more the contribution from the State - The process involved submitting motivation to the DoE to get the quintile revisited - in which province are you situated?

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