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School Governance and upcoming SGB Elections: please share your stories!

SGB 2021 Election Progress

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SGB 2021 Election Progress

2021/03/06 9:22 AM SAST

Some schools have already held their SGB 2021 Elections - mostly All-Day elections - with huge success wrt achieving Quorum.

In one particular primary school, where the SGB chose to use Electronic Voting processes - the quorum number was achieved within 30 minutes of the voting opening and just under 900 of the 1000-odd parents voted !

Share your stories and concerns !!


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1. 2021/03/09 5:02 PM SAST

Brilliant Paul!

Thank you for taking this step and getting the discussion going. I would also love to echo your invitation! May I also ask: 'What is Quorum?'

2. 2021/03/16 6:36 PM SAST

All Provinces are required to provide Regulations for the elections of SGB members .These are published under National Guidelines - the national guidelines call for at least 15% of the component to vote for the election to be considered legitimate. So each components (parents/educators/non-educators &learners in High Schools) need to have at least 15% of that group vote . (as an aside - that is considered a low voter's turnout 15%!!!!) 8 of 9 provinces have a 15% quorum requirement - Western Cape has a 10% quorum requirement.

3. 2021/03/16 6:41 PM SAST

Schools are also running Full Day elections process with a marked increase in parents participation . In general parent voter attendance is low - but by running a "full-day" election, better support, and hence greater legitimacy for the SGB is created .

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