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School Governance and upcoming SGB Elections: please share your stories!

Preparing for next year's SGB elections: please share your tips and experiences!

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Preparing for next year's SGB elections: please share your tips and experiences!

2020/11/22 6:20 PM CAT

Dear PfP Community,

Next year, again, is SGB Election year! An important moment in the life of a school. Often it helps to start preparing for this election in advance - identifying parents with the right level of skills, approaching them...

We would love to hear from you if you have any success stories to share about how you have worked to constitute a supportive SGB in the past, or what you plan to do ahead of next year's election.

The space is yours!

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1. 2020/11/30 12:40 PM CAT

Plan to finish strong - complete projects , sign-off accurate records update the organogram.

Start 2021 well - scout and recruit suitable candidates - parents , educators, non-educators and learners (in High schools) - you cannot determine who gets elected but you can encourage community involvement and participation.

Plan your election in line with the elections Regulations (which will be published soon) Be careful not to confuse the regulations with National guidelines to the provincial regulations!)

Communicate - Communicate - Communicate - the process of elections to your stakeholder community - consider using digital election processes to ensure higher participation.

Run a Full day election - to allow greater participation for working / travelling parents.

2. 2020/12/07 9:19 AM CAT

Hi Everyone

I had a great conversation with Principal Wiseman Nkambule from Nelspruit this morning. I look forward to his contribution on this topic

Kind Regards


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