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Welcome to Partners for Possibility on A Better Africa!

On this page you will find information on the Partners for Possibility (PfP) programme's integration with A Better Africa (ABA). Here PfP Principals and Business Partners, can familiarize themselves with what our public PfP groups on ABA have to offer.

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This public group provides information on the education system, that can be especially helpful to new business partners. The current focus there is SGBs and School Governance, which is great for principals and SMTs preparing for SGB elections.

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This public group provides resources for partners and educators on school projects (like libraries, literacy and career guidance) that they may want to start later on in the journey. There are also teaching and learning resources that are applicable at any time. This group is where we showcase all the PfP Offers for example - The Offer for PfP schools to create a profile (a mini website) for free on A Better Africa

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If you want to become a member of our PfP groups on ABA. Simply click 'Join now' and complete the form to request an invitation to the group/s of your choice.



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