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The Hungry Cities Partnership (HCP) is an international network of cities and city-based partner organizations which focuses on the relationships between rapid urbanization, informality, inclusive growth and urban food systems in the Global South.

The HCP conducts collaborative research, training and advocacy with the objective of providing innovative solutions to the challenge of building sustainable cities and policies and programs that promote food security in the cities.

The HCP currently operates in China, India, Jamaica, Kenya, Mexico, Mozambique and South Africa and is funded by the International Partnerships for Sustainable Development (IPaSS) program of the International Development Research Centre (IDRC) and the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada (SSHRC).

20170113_133416.jpgA learning journey is a real-life trip from one place to another. Participants leave both desk and meeting room behind in order to explore and experience for themselves, first-hand, the many and various dimensions of the complex realities they are trying to understand and influence. Such an experiential immersion, combined with opportunities for harvesting and reflecting on their experiences leads participants to a deeper understanding of these realities and into a deeper engagement with one another about how to address these realities. Learning journeys have the added benefit of galvanising action, especially collaborative action for change.

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Group for sharing information, reports and ideas from the Hungry Cities Partnership's Nanjing Food Security workshop and Learning Journey

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