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Group Overview

The Coalition for Quality Education in the Western Cape is a collaborative association for ALL education stakeholders (including government, private business, NPO's, civil society and funders). It is being developed with a view to facilitating systemic change across South Africa's education system, such that ALL South Africa's children will be provided with real quality learning.

The Coalition is being created as a PROCESS design, whereby all contributors to the Coalition have the opportunity to influence it's structure, service and strategy. Through this kind of framework, the Coalition seeks to model collaboration: that which it seeks to facilitate across the education sector. We seek to become a cross-sector (between all education stakeholders) knowledge-sharing platform which keeps the Schools, Principals, Teachers and Learners as our centre of focus.

A Steering Committee which comprises c.18 education stakeholders from a variety of organisations was established in late 2017 to provide a working group that could drive the development of the Coalition and provide support services for the Coalition, including admin., marketing, event co-ordination, professional skills and some funding for events. To date, Symphonia for South Africa has been the primary host supplying requisite support services for the growth of the Coalition.

The Coalition arranges events/workshops which support relationship building and offer tools and means to develop skills for collaborating. In 2018, a key focus of the Coalition became the 'EOF opportunity literacy proposal' which has proven to be an incredible catalyst for mobilising early phase (ECD to grade 4) literacy-focussed organisations (plus WCED and private funders) to collaborate.

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